Whole Dried Seaweed (Wakame) 건미역

Whole Dried Seaweed (Wakame) 건미역

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Whole dried seaweed, also known as Wakame in Japanese or Miyeok in Korean. This Wakame is packed with multiple health benefits including Iodine and Lignans.

The difference between Whole dried Wakame and the Cut (shredded) Wakame is that this Whole dried Wakame must be washed before handling as it may still have some sand or other debries from the ocean while the cut version is pre-washed for convience. Both products comes straight from the non poluted clean seas of Wan-do, South Korea. The other difference is the size of the two Wakame as to serve the different preferences of our customers. Some people prefer to cook with a whole seaweed while others like it pre-cut into pieces and pre-washed to save time. 

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