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MatJoah 맛조아 vegetable seasoning

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동물성 제품이 없는 100% 천연 비건 식품 조미료!!
표고버섯 가루, 야채 가루, 각종 과일 가루, 다시마 가루의 조합은 어떤 요리에도 풍미를 더해줍니다.
모든 요리에 1/2~1티스푼만 추가하면 지금까지 경험하지 못한 맛을 경험할 수 있습니다.

100% All Natural Vegan Food Seasoning with zero animal products. A combination of Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Vegetable powder, various Fruits Powder, and Kombu (dashima) Powder enhances the flavor of any dish. Just add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to any meal and experience the deliciousness that you never had before!

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5개 이상 무료배송(맛조아 단일 상품)

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Kwak
Great product!

I have an 82 year old mother in law that stays with the family & loves to cook but keeps on using dashi beef powder and/or monosodium glutamate. I hate the fact that she tells us she didn't use it but she does. Ever since someone recommended this product, she's been using this on some of the foods that she cooks for us. She cooks for the family mostly since my husband works from 10am to 8pm & I also hold 1 full time job & 1 part time job. My 16 year old & my 13 year old consumes whatever she makes & I worried that it's too much of her "secret ingredients" she uses in their foods. I worry a little less now. I try to cook as much as I can so we can enjoy meals healthier with Matjoah. I don't know how long 5 packs will take us to use but I surely will buy then again. I wish they had these as my nearby Asian markets.

Lydia Koo
Subtle and delicious

I have been using it for years and love it! Good in anything savory!

Dorothy Kim
Perfect seasoning!

This is the perfect natural seasoning for soups and just about everything that is stir fried.

Hyunah Yu
Matjoah, can’t cook without it!

i no longer use vegetable, chicken nor beef broth. replace broth in recipe w water & 1 teaspoon (per 1 cup). it makes the best soup, egg dish, stir fries. it adds a beautiful layers of flavors. my friend w celiac disease now cooks w it!!

haemi kim
음식맛이 살아나요.

지인이 먹어보라고 줬는데 반신반의하고 썼다가 푹 빠짐ㅋ