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Goldenseal Root Capsule 골든씰 캡슐

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NeoBiotech Goldenseal Roots 570mg 100 Caps
Wildcrafted in the USA

Goldenseal Root is derived from the root of the Hydrastis Canadensis plant. It has been used traditionally by Native Americans for hundreds of years and is still used by modern herbalists today.

Natural color variation may occur in this product.

 심장기능 강화

위궤양, 심이지장 궤양 및 소화불량과 편도선에도 도움

천연 항생제

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Hee Jung Kim

Organic Goldenseal Root Capsule 유기농 골든씰 캡슐

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Joanne Bae

Organic Goldenseal Root Capsule 유기농 골든씰 캡슐